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Ordinary Electrical Tower Transformed into Dazzling Art Installation

In 2010, three art students from Klasse Lbbert in Germany decided to transform an ordinary-looking electrical tower into a dazzling art installation. Artists Ali Hwang, Hae-Ryan, and Chung-Ki Park created Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) in Hattingen, Germany that sits among tall grass and along a bike path. It’s the perfect place for capturing a lot of light, and the trio used cut triangles of Acrylglas to mimic the traditional stained glass.

Vibrant yellows, oranges, greens, and more start at the base of tower and gradually lessen as they approach the top. The triangles are selectively placed and the smaller forms are grouped together to create larger shapes. From far away, the tower’s solid metal frame fractures the triangles, meaning that depending on your distance from Leuchttrurm, you’ll see a slightly different yet equally as brilliant display.

Top photo credit: Alte Gurke

Photo credit: Gnter Pilger
Photo credit: Gnter Pilger and Caroline Wengeler

Klasse Lbbert website
via [Colossal]

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