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Amazing Godzilla Sculpture Made from Pine Tree Branches

Li Yi-Kai, a landscape architecture graduate student at Taiwan's Nanhua University, constructed this amazing Godzilla sculpture from the unlikeliest of materials: fallen pine tree branches. Using leaves and boughs from hoop pine trees as his base, the student assembled the sculpture with just glue and wire. The miniature Godzilla, which measures about 10 inches tall, looks not only appropriately menacing, but also incredibly unique thanks to the interlocking pine needles and bright green foliage that make up its sturdy frame.

Li says that when he moved to the Chia Yi county for university four years ago, he noticed that there were a lot of fallen pine branches scattered on the ground on campus. Taking inspiration from these natural materials, the student built his pine tree art scupture–a Chinese dragon–and hasn't stopped making these unique creations since.

Li Yi-Kai on Facebook
via [Junk Culture], [Kotaku]

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