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Giant Stained Glass Window Church is Converted into a Modern Family Home

In Chicago, an empty church was given new life with a secular conversion. The beautiful, majestic building was transformed from a place of worship into a single-family home boasting seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. As with many of these sorts of architectural projects–which intend to restore a space in a completely different way–the inside was gutted, but the shell of the structure remained intact. The new residents kept the gorgeous stained-glass windows and bell tower, which create a fantastic juxtaposition with the clean and contemporary furnishings.

Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects collaborated to make this project a reality, and they had their work cut out for them. The great room had its 25-foot ceiling exposed in order to showcase its timber beams, and a floating steel staircase was installed with a glass rail system. Linc also custom designed the dining room table, a climbing wall for one of the bedrooms, and a murphy bed that folds down in the nursery.

In every room, history and modernity collide, creating an eclectic feel to the overall space. The bold lines, neutral colors, and patterned decor are punctuated by a rustic charm, as a stained-glass window is visible from almost anywhere in the house. They now serve as keepsakes from the building’s former life and an ever-present reminder of its spiritual ties.

Linc Thelen Design: Website
Scrafano Architects: Website
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