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Little Red Riding Hood’s Demise

On this wretched day, Little Red Riding Hood should have just stayed inside grandma’s house. Even though she seemed to be getting along with the wolf in the photo, below, it looks like it was all set up by the furry beast. By the looks of the black and white shots, the wolf premeditated the whole ordeal…

These photos by Israeli Shlomi Nissim are surprisingly not photoshopped! Check out the behind-the-scenes story here.

“I was born in Israel on 1972. As a child, I used to wonder in the outdoors fields with my binoculars on, looking for birds of prey, dreaming [of becoming] a National Geographic photographer,” says Nissim.

“I was 13 years old and my family won in a raffle we got bicycles, my parents sold it and got me a camera! it was my first one, The CANON AE-1 PROGRAM!!! Since then, my passion for photography is growing as the years pass by.”

Shlomi Nissim

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