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Artist Combats Fear and Insecurity by Creating Elegantly 3D-Printed Masks

Self-described “doodler and entrepreneur” Melissa Ng of Lumecluster creates elegantly crafted 3D-printed masks designed to empower individuals to fight for their dreams. Called Dreamer Masks, each intricate work is “a vision of our ideal selves, a representation of empowering elements we tend to lose touch with when consumed by fear, a promise to commit to our dreams, and a protective shield against our nightmares,” as Ng wrote to us in an email. The mask patterns are derived from Ng's hand-drawn doodles and then brought to life through 3D printing, after which the nylon surface is sealed, sanded, and coated in paint to create a metallic sheen. Each beautiful creation embodies a different concept, expressing ideas like transformation and illumination through elaborate flourishes and delicate cut-outs.

“I started creating Dreamer Masks during a time I was overwhelmed with extreme fear, insecurity, and doubt,” Ng told us. “I felt weak and powerless and I was letting my dreams die because I allowed the face of fear and self-doubt to consume me. To cope, I decided to give my dreamer/dreams a life-like form as Dreamer Masks. I believed that if I viewed my dreams as a person that I loved, cherished, and respected, then I'd do whatever it takes to help it survive any obstacles.”

Ng hopes that her masks help other creatives, entrepreneurs, and makers commit to following their dreams even in the face of nightmares. In her words, “When you're feeling afraid and frustrated, it's easy to lose sight of your dreams. Next time you're faced with your fears, turn to your Dreamer instead. Imagine your dreams as a person you love and look at it face-to-face. And ask yourself why is it important to you? What does your Dreamer stand for? What does it need? Seriously, talk to it. In the end, calm and collected (not frantic and frazzled) is essential for clarity and focus. But the face you choose to wear is up to you. The strength of your Dreamer is as strong as your willingness to believe you can rise above your nightmarish fears so you can focus on what truly matters–trusting yourself enough to take action…to take a chance on your dreams.”

Above: Empower






Empress Celene


Lumecluster: Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Melissa Ng.

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