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Magical Nighttime Photography

“I’m curious and like to explore with my camera,” says Ben Canales. “The night skies captivate me.”

The Portland, Oregon-based photographer has a love and passion for the stars. Growing up between three major cities in the Northeast of the US, Canales hardly saw any of them at night. Then, a few years ago, he left the East Coast cities for the darker, less poluted night skies on the West Coast and it was there that he found his calling.

“I go out to photograph the stars, first for my own personal enjoyment to try and capture the wonder that I feel; but secondly, I do it for you, the viewer. I do it for my friends and family back home that do not have the opportunity to see the stars like I can here.

“My photography is about wonder. As adults we’ve lost the child-like wonder our world was beaming with when we were younger. I believe it is still there to be seen one just needs to work a bit harder to find it. My images are purposed to show the wonder of the sky as if you were standing under it yourself looking up. I’ll wrap this up with some shared sentiments from Van Gogh: ‘For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars make me dream.'”

Amen to that.

Can’t you just smell that burning campfire wood?

Ben Canales’s website

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