Magnificently Surreal Self-Portraits

Photographer Zack Ahern is not afraid of getting dirty. In fact, I think he enjoys it! At any given time, the young Oklahoma native can often be found taking messy risks in his self-portraits, drenched in acrylic paints or fake blood. Ahern's efforts and willingness to to pour karo syrup all over himself or have a mouth full of flour really pays off in the final product of his surreal images. The self-taught photographer has produced a large portfolio that exhibits his wide-ranging capabilities in the medium, from portraiture and light painting to surrealist design.

It's remarkable that the 23-year-old photographer upgraded his point and shoot camera to a DSLR a mere four years ago and has since completed two year-long photography projects, in which he has turned out a number of creatively inspired works. More of Ahern's magnificently surreal photos are viewable on his Flickr photostream.

Zack Ahern's website and Flickr

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