Stunning Photos Show the Art of Motion

Using various photographic techniques, Italy-based photographer Manuel Cafini captures stunning images of the body in motion. Whether it's a graceful dancer or a strong athlete, these photos give us a deeper appreciation for how our bodies move.

As he says, “In my shoots I have always wanted to render the impression of movement. I have tried panning and following the rotation of the subject, using burst zooms so to make static what's dynamic and vice versa, moving horizontally the camera while the subject is static or moving it in the opposite direction of the subject's.”

Cafini found his way to photography completely by accident. Four years ago, while he was trying to help his then-girlfriend become a professional photographer, Cafini found his true passion. He promptly dropped out of his university (he was studying engineering) and and started pursuing photography. Completely self-taught, he's taken his fascination for the technical side of cameras to new heights. As he says, ” I think this fondness for technology has been the key to my success, as it has allowed me to understand the limits of modern cameras and also to overcome them.”

Manuel Cafini's website

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