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Dutch House Design Mimics the Experience of Walking Through Nearby Dunes

Nestled within the dune landscape of the northern Dutch islands is the aptly-titled Dune House designed by Marc Koehler Architects. The structure is inspired by its surroundings, and the configuration of the 591 square foot home is based on what you’d experience as you walked through the dunes. From certain vantage points, the views to the outside appear submerged, while other times they are elevated and stretched towards the sea.

Eco-friendly materials were used to construct the gorgeous home. The wood is arranged in a cross-laminated pattern and has an eye-catching combination of pitched and turtle roofs. This is what helps give it such a unique silhouette. Central heating is based on bio-fuel and keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum.

The architects utilized a spiral route to connect the various open spaces of the house. There are split-level floors that function as steps and lead you along its central core of the fireplace and bookcase. This also links the underground bedrooms with the upstairs living/dining areas, which are all impeccably outfitted in modern decor and have overwhelming feeling of airiness. Despite where it is in the home, each space has its own special connection to what’s just beyond the walls.

Marc Koehler Architects website

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