Electric Colored Paint Dances to Different Genres of Music

Miles Davis – Pharaoh's Dance

Martin Klimas has a great talent for capturing that split second motion which can easily be missed in the blink of an eye. We first featured one of his projects a few years ago in which he photographed the fleeting moments of incredibly expressive statues and figurines as they shattered into pieces against the ground.

In these extremely vibrant, abstract photographs, a series entitled What Does Music Look Like?, Klimas took a different approach and focused on the fluidity of paints as they translate into music. The artist shows us what we might see if the sounds of music were visual patterns of dancing notes right before our eyes.

To create each image, Klimas poured bright oranges, teals, lime greens, and yellows onto the surface of a speaker and blasted energetic music by artists like Miles Davis and Pink Floyd. As the paints jumped, danced, and splattered to the rhythms, Klimas took more than 1,000 shots to capture the motion through a Hasselblad camera. Each stunning image is aptly named after the song and performer that sent the liquids into these playful and dynamic visual patterns.

If you are interested in this idea of stop-motion photography, you may enjoy this project by Fabian Oefner, in which colorful salts dance across the frame, as well as these funny water wig portraits by photographer Tim Tadder.

Velvet Underground & Nico – Run Run Run

Kraftwerk – Transistor

Terry Riley – A Rainbow in Curved Air

Pink Floyd – Time

Pink Floyd – On the Run

JS Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

John Coltrane – Ascension

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Philip Glass – Music With Changing Parts

Martin Klimas' website
via [ARTchipel]

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