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Awesome Iron Man Gorilla Pops Up in Norwich

A public installation project known as GoGoGorillas! has overtaken the English city of Norwich. Each gorilla is artistically designed by a sponsored artist. Featuring the work of over 30 local artists, there are more than 50 gorillas scattered throughout the city, celebrating the rich community filled with shops, parks, and public spaces.

Tumblr user beccaelizabeth315 came across one such gorilla sculpture that is unmistakably a primate version of the comic book icon Iron Man. The piece is designed perfectly in the likeness of the superhero by artist Martin Wall. The artist was also sponsored to create a second gorilla, for which he opted to replicate the caped crusader Batman.

There are 51 sculptures, in addition to Wall’s contributions, along the project’s “gorilla trails” that will be running for 10 weeks. The project is organized by Break, a Norfolk charity, in collaborate with Wild in Art in an effort to “discover and re-discover the fine City, providing community and education projects, highlighting environmental issues and the plight of one of the world’s most endangered species.”

You can see where every gorilla is located, here.

Go Go Gorillas website
Martin Wall website
via [beccaelizabeth315]

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