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Forest Fire Pit by Melissa Crisp

Artist Melissa Crisp is behind this unique fire pit design that will make you do a double-take. Called “Up North,” the sphere, made out of American-made steel, features a moose, a family of deer and ducks amidst Tamarack trees. The scene was inspired by the north woods of Minnesota where the artist's mother grew up. Of course, the real spectacle happens when the fire pit is lit. The flickering flames add a heavy dose of drama to the overall experience, as one is left reflecting on the shocking effects of a damaging forest fire.

Completely unique, each fire pit is custom-made and numbered. The Ohio-based family run business, called The Fire Pit Gallery, sells these artistic outdoor wood burning fire pits that Melissa designs. The artist uses a plasma cutter to hand-cut all the jagged edges, leaving a startling scene that's at once beautiful and disturbing.

The Fire Pit Gallery website
via [Trust me, I'm a Designer]

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