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Monochromatic Watercolor Paintings Exquisitely Depict Cratered Surface of Moon

German artist Michal Friese has long been enthralled with the night sky, and she expresses her fascination through beautiful watercolor paintings of the moon. Her solitary depictions of the rocky surface use a limited color palette and special techniques to mimic its cratered appearance. The watercolor medium, while it can generally be unpredictable, is neatly contained here, and showcases small, exquisite details within rigid circles. Each has a slightly different look–just like the phases of the moon.

Friese finds tranquility in the cosmos, and especially in the moon. “It has something so still and calm and at the same time bright and clear about it,” she told Instagram blog. Friese actively looks for inspiration by taking almost-daily bike rides through her hometown of Koblenz, translating these journeys into her delicate paintings.

Michal Friese: Instagram
via [Instagram Blog]

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