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Infrared Photos of Rome Capture the City of Love as a Pink Wonderland

The city of Rome has been photographed countless times over its long existence, but Hungarian photographer Milán Rácmolnár has recently captured it in a beautifully unconventional way. His series titled Rome in Infrared was shot with a Nikon D3200 that was converted into an infrared camera, which allowed him to photograph it “in a different perspective.” The results, boasting pale pink trees and cyan skies, are a surreal depiction of the famous landmarks and the tourists that flood the ancient locale.

Not everything seems amiss in Rácmolnár’s images, which adds to the peculiarity of the series. Buildings like the Colosseum look the same—although they skew to a warmer hue—but it’s the flora that makes you question the photographs. Instead of existing on Earth, Rome could now be located in a parallel universe that has just a few distinct-but-striking changes.

Rome in Infrared serves as a unique form of travel documentation thanks to its iconic imagery, but the stunning addition of infrared allows you to imagine it as a tale of fantasy, with an added hint of romance in the air.

Milán Rácmolnár: Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [Fubiz]

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