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Gorgeously Surreal Scenes Shot in a French Chateau

While we've followed the incredible journey of self-taught photographer Natalie Dybisz, aka Miss Aniela, over the past few years, even interviewing her about her work, nothing could have prepared us for the gorgeously surreal images she recently created inside an actual French chateau.

Alongside another My Modern Met favorite, Trey Ratcliff, Miss Aniela co-hosted a special photography workshop inside the Chateau de Champlatreux, a large, historical castle just outside of Paris that was designed for lavish celebrations in the 18th century. As Miss Aniela describes it, “In addition to its main stately rooms we discovered a maze of musty, eclectic rooms upstairs full of books, paintings, upturned chairs and antelope taxidermy, with dreamy light filtering through cobwebbed windows over thick heavy falling wallpaper. Truly a photographer's dream!”

Miss Aniela decided to take some of her most captivating shots in the dungeon and cellars. In post production, she incorporated animals into her photos that she had witnessed first-hand at Paris's Natural History Museum like a tiger, a butterfly and a giraffe. She claims she was inspired by many photographers we've featured right here on My Modern Met including Tim Walker, Brooke Shaden and Kirsty Mitchell. Indeed, you can feel their presence in each in her spellbinding shots.

At just 26-years-old, the London-based photographer is already making a name for herself with her compelling imagery. Not afraid to push the envelope, she consistently delivers amazing photos that leave us wanting for more.

Miss Aniela on Flickr

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