Incredibly Beautiful 4-Tiered Waterfall in Australia

Whenever we come across shots like this, we rub our eyes and ask ourselves, “Do places like this actually exist?” Indeed, they do. Recently, amateur astronomer and photographer Mike Salway took this gorgeous photo of Mitchell Falls in Australia.

“A sleepless night on a cold rock ledge overlooking the beautiful, powerful, noisy Mitchell Falls all came down to this,” he writes on his blog. “We were there for the pre-dawn morning light, gently illuminating the falls without the harsh shadows we had during the daylight shoot the day before, and the moonlit shoot the night before.

“Just before the light was almost right, Ken and I decided that it was time to try a new location, as we'd been on that rock ledge most of the day and night before and needed a change of scenery. So we quickly packed up our gear and climbed back up the cliff, heading out further along the gorge to get a more head-on view of the falls.

“We setup on the edge of a high rock outcrop, high above the river below – both of us trying to fit without getting our tripod legs in each others shot (and without bumping each other or falling off!)

“We got the shot!

“The light was beautiful, with the sky turning slight shades of light blue, pink and yellow and the even illumination across the falls was just what we were after.

“It's a 6 image panorama, taken with a Canon 5D Mk II, 17-40mm lens @ 17mm, f/9, ISO125, 1s exposures. Panorama created using AutoPano Pro, and processed using Photoshop CS5.”

Mike Salway's website

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