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Modern Macramé: How an Ancient Fiber Art Has Resurfaced as a Beautiful Craft

Basic Macramé Knots

There are numerous knots used in macramé, but with even just a few basics you’ll be able to get started on your first project. Learn these six basic macramé knots from tutorials by Emily Katz from Modern Macramé and you’ll be well on your way.


Lark’s Head


Reverse Lark’s Head




Square Knot


Horizontal Double Half Hitch


Vertical Double Half Hitch


Looking for a macramé class to take you step by step? Check out these online courses.

Contemporary Macrame

Photo: ivan_kislitsin via Shutterstock


DIY Macramé Kits

DIY macramé kits are an easy way to get into knotting without having to go out and purchase a bunch of materials. (And they also make great gifts for the crafty person in your life!) All the kits here come with everything you will need to get started, including detailed instructions.


DIY Macramé Wall Hanging


DIY Macramé Plant Holder


Macramé Market Bag Kit

DIY Macrame Market Bag Kit

KNOTandLiving | $32.85+


Macramé Wall Hanging Kit


Beginner’s Macramé Kit with Wall Hanging and Planter Patterns


DIY Macramé Ornament

Macrame Kit

EraMacrame | $7.99


Ready-Made Contemporary Macramé

If you’re looking to spice up your home decor or wear a unique accessory, there are many fiber artists putting out macramé with contemporary flair.

Modern Macrame Wall Hanging

makrammuri | from $91.60


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