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Laser Embossed Rolling Pins Imprint Playful Patterns into Cookie Dough

For a baker, a rolling pin is a valuable piece of kitchenware, but thanks to the Etsy shop Mood for Wood, it’s also a quirky art tool. The Warsaw-based retailer uses laser engraving to create playful designs on the barrel of the wooden pins. When rolled over the dough, repeating patterns of whimsical animals, dinosaurs, flowers, and fancy flourishes are easily imprinted. It’s a great way to decorate your cookies without having to ice them.

Each rolling pin is made of Polish beech wood and measures 43 centimeters (17 inches) long–a traditional size for these utensils. They are covered in a food-safe oil that prevents the wood from cracking and the dough from sticking to the rolling pin. Better yet, the engraved designs are etched deep enough to ensure visible and raised patterns on the cookies. You’ll only have to apply minimal pressure to get a great-looking result.

All surface illustrations are produced in-house by an artisan specializing in jewelry design and metalsmith. Mood for Wood offers a variety of patterns for everyday use and holidays. Plus, they offer custom engraving, making them perfect as a gift. Check out their entire selection on Etsy.

Mood for Wood also sells embossed cookie stamps:

Mood for Wood: Etsy | Facebook
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