The Glowing Beauty of Water Transformed by Motion

Water is around us every day–from an early morning shower, to a water fountain in the park, to puddles on a rainy afternoon. And thank goodness, since it is key to our survival! Interested in this life-sustaining substance, photographer Moses Hacmon set about to document the liquid in a project entitled Faces of Living Water.

Realizing that we only ever really see the reflections of light off of the surface of water, the Israeli artist spent ten years studying the transparent liquid in order to produce his series. He developed a new technique to document the movements actually found within the element, working with the liquid form to capture negatives that he then developed into positive images.

Using analog film to create his photos, Hacmon reveals to us the energy and life that occurs in the tiny, intense details of water. Through his work, he provides his viewers with an opportunity to witness many of the normally overlooked transformations and ever-shifting ebbs and flows. The abstract blue shapes set against a dark black background evoke an eerie sense of mystery and wonder about water and its essential function as our basic source of life.

Moses Hacmon's Faces of Water website
via [Designboom]

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