Breathtaking Compilations of the Most Beautiful Shots in Movie History

Do you consider yourself a film fanatic? Put your cinematic knowledge to the test by exploring this carefully curated compilation of beautiful scenes in cinema. A compilation of “The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History” was put together by The Solomon Society, an Ireland-based YouTube account. This two-part collection of iconic moments recalls resonant scenes that live in cinematic perpetuity. Each video runs for under four minutes but packs in a number of scenes from Golden Age classics as well as contemporary phenoms.

From the glory days of Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and John Wayne to the modern-day marvels of Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix, film continues to enchant humans with its visual storytelling capabilities. The history of this medium is undoubtedly fascinating, and The Solomon Society has taken it upon itself to do a deep dive into motion picture history and cherry pick what it considers to be some of the most beautiful scenes. Everything from composition and color to costuming and camerawork make these clips both beautiful and iconic.

One prime example of their selection is the famous elevator scene from the comedy-crime film Grand Budapest Hotel. In this composition, the illustrious Wes Anderson intentionally chose the deep purple against the bright red backdrop in this tightly cropped scene. Despite sharing a small, intimate space, the actors are seemingly disconnected from one another. Birdman, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, is also a representation of the creativity used in visual storytelling. A Steadicam tracks Michael Keaton's movement as he approaches the cashier at the liquor store. This intentional framing enhances the emotional distress of Keaton's character. Another notable excerpt highlighted by this video is from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The light of the sky fades as Luke Skywalker walks towards the binary sunset off in the horizon. Rich oranges and hues of blue establish a hopeful undertone to the scene, leaving viewers enamored with the wonders of cinematography. Like a symphony, George Lucas carefully organized the colors, lighting, score, script, set, and acting to come together to convey a particular story.

Each of these noteworthy moments in movies are a drop in the pool of cinematic history. Knowing that any one four-minute video can't capture every stunning scene, The Solomon Society has actually released a number of compilations, breaking down the “beauty” of them even further. Their videos include The Most Beautiful Black and White Shots, as well as compilations based on other factors: Multicolor, Blue, Red, Green, and even Space shots.

Scroll down to see some of the different videos they've compiled, and for even more, you can follow The Solomon Society on YouTube.

The Solomon Society has compiled what it deems “The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History” in two parts.

Cinephiles can also appreciate their other compilations, including…


The Most Beautiful Black and White Shots


The Most Beautiful Multicolor Shots In Movie History


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The Most Beautiful BLUE Shots In Movie History


The Most Beautiful RED Shots In Movie History


The Most Beautiful Green Shots In Movie History


The Solomon Society: YouTube
h/t: [Kottke]

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