"Inception" Coffee Table Defies Gravity and Suspends Cityscape in Mid-air

Inspired by the hit 2010 film Inception, this coffee table seems to bend reality, and defy the laws of gravity. The piece references a scene in the movie where the characters realize that within a dream the laws of the universe are null, and the surreal table perfectly plays upon this idea. Created by Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris, this “wave city” coffee table curves an urban landscape up and over itself to create an incredibly eye-catching piece of furniture.

Constructed using a mixture of wood and steel, the Wave City Coffee Table was realized through 3D printing technology. The bent cityscape presents something out of a warped dream. Featuring detailed skyscrapers and city buildings suspended in the mid-section, the entire frame curves back upon itself to create a smooth, continuous piece with a flat top that remains functional. Mousarris has a variety of other high quality and unique furniture pieces available on his website.

Mousarris: Website | Facebook
via [DesignboomContemporist]

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