My Modern Shop Spotlight – Kenji Croman’s Breathtaking Wave Photography

Photographer Kenji Croman naturally discovered his love for the ocean at a young age while growing up in Hawaii. He spent his teen years boogie boarding and bodysurfing and experiencing the power of the crashing waves firsthand. Eventually, as an adult, Croman discovered that he could share these amazing experiences with others through photography.

With a waterproof camera strapped to his wrist, the adventurous photographer ventures out into the rough waters in order to capture nature at its best. He has only a few brief seconds to document the curling waves before they crash down upon him. In his bio, Croman states, “I am constantly driven to get that better shot. It isn't just about taking pictures for me anymore; it is being creative and trying to capture the beauty in nature in an artistic way.”

We're pleased to announce that all of the images featured in this post are now available as prints and canvases through our art store, My Modern Shop.

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