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Mysterious Little People Hard at Work and at Play, Part II (20 Total)

These are some sweet slopes!

Before you bite into that apple or take a sip of that wine, may I suggest you say a little prayer of thanks for the little people? Their daily toil goes often unnoticed, how they labor in the fields day in and day out, only striving to please their masters. Of course, they do take advantage of their time off, you'll see them sunbathing or scuba diving when they're in need of their R&R. But who can blame them? Their work is never done. HARD AT WORK Oh no! I think Emma fell down the pit!

Inspect every grape!

Does this look right?

Make sure it's not too spicy!

We've got a full day's work ahead of us.

Dislodge those peas!

Marshmellow madness

The rock candy must shine.

Make sure they're all the right size.

Is it a little too sweet?

We're in tofu territory

Holy cow. Who let this burn?

Gosh dang it, I hate the holidays.

Shaving the nuts.

HARD AT PLAY Ah, there's nothing like fresh powder.

Got to take advantage of that sun.

Go around. It's less steep over there.

Scuba diving the Red Sea

Lettuce Pray

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