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Sparkling Makeup Self-Portraits

Makeup artist and photographer Nadia Wicker understands the importance of cosmetic assistance for an image. In her series titled Ursides, the multifaceted artist combines her passions and skills to create spectacular compilation of self-portraits that rely heavily on facial beauty products.

Against an empty, black backdrop, the makeup artist-photographer-model displays an unconventionally disproportionate amount of makeup on her face for a beauty shot. Appearing more like face paint or sparks of multihued lights, each image exhibits a multitude of glistening hues that abstractly construct the form of a human face. The wispy streaks of color evoke a sense of motion and the glittery colors pop against its dark surroundings. Through this series, I don't have a definite idea of what the artist looks like, but it's artistically refreshing to look through Wicker's colorfully illuminated portfolio.

We were lucky enough to get in contact with Nadia and ask her a few questions. You can view that brief interview, below.

There's a beautiful shine and movement present in your Ursides series. Can you explain your process for capturing the stunning images?
I prefer to keep the mystery around this series! Since a few days, I read a lot of things concerning it and it's funny to discover how people imagine the realization! But contrary to what some think, Photoshop didn't help me to create it. It's thanks to my experience working with makeup that I was able to obtain these results!

What inspired this collection of work?
My love of makeup! The possibilities of creation and metamorphosis are infinite with makeup! With Ursides, I wanted to show myself differently and I wanted to get a result which does not inevitably remind one of a photo.

What's next for you?
I'm in a collective exhibition of artists which starts at Galerie 208 in Paris on February 16, 2012 and I'm still working on new series of self-portraits!

Thanks for the interview, Nadia! We can't wait to see what you have coming up!

Nadia Wicker website
via [illusion]


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