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Incredible Murals Appear as 3D Sculptures Floating in Midair

Portugal-based street artist Odeith creates incredible paintings that will fool your eyes into thinking that they’re 3D sculptures floating in midair. We’ve admired his ability to craft this awe-inspiring realism before in a large mural dedicated to Bob Marley. Here, he’s used similar shading techniques and an impeccable handling of perspective on the corners of walls. The results are optical illusions of these decorative texts spanning across the space.

Odeith uses more than just spray paint in his impressive works – he also cleverly utilizes the surrounding environment. The artist will paint dramatic cast shadows and reflective light on the ground and walls to give the appearance that the texts are made of metal or even glowing. And, by adding glimmers and highlights onto the words itself, it looks like you could reach out and hold them.

Odeith website
via [Bored Panda]

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