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Moroccan Chapel Transformed into a Vibrant, All-Encompassing Mural by Okuda

Street artist Okuda is known for installing his vibrant art in unusual settings. Recently, the Spanish painter adorned the side of a freight truck, transforming the massive vehicle into a mobile gallery. Before that, he illustrated a series of colorful murals on the inside of a 100-year-old church. He’s now completed a similar endeavor in Morocco and painted the exterior of a chapel for the event Street Art Caravane.

To create his expansive work, Okuda traveled to the town of Youssoufia. There, he spent a few days painting this piece titled 11 Mirages to the Freedom. Similar to his other works, the giant mural features electric hues that infuse a sense of energy and playfulness onto the structure. Portraits of people and animals–formed with multi-faceted and multi-colored geometric shapes–are visible from nearly every angle. Together, these elements transform the church into the most eye-catching thing around.

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via [StreetArtNews]

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