Massive Jumbo Jets Intersect with Delicate Flowers

Argentina-based photographer Pablo A. Ferrari created this series, entitled Aeroplanes and Flowers, as an exploration of manufactured, steel commercial airplanes interacting with the natural beauty of a simple flower.

From a worm's eye view, Ferrari points his camera skyward and waits for each airplane to pass. From this perspective, the spatial relationship between the delicate flower and the massive jetliner is altered and reversed. The single flower appears massive while the jetliner appears to be just a tiny blip in the composition. In each frame, Ferrari ensures that both element interact with each other, whether there is a direct overlap, a perpendicular interaction, or a natural frame formed by the leaves of the flower. The series also features a very simple color palette to accentuate a natural beauty combined with cold, synthetic steel.

If you enjoy this project, you may also like this similar project by photographer Dani Garcia Sarabia, who also hunts for powerful winged airplanes in the sky.

Pablo A. Ferrari on Behance
via [Faith Is Torment]

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