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New Thread and Nail Portraits From Pamela Campagna

Italian artist Pamela Campagna has, once again, blown us away with her intricately designed thread and nail portraits. The series of comprehensive works known as NETworks entail black and gray thread interwoven and tightly wound around nails that are strategically embedded in a wooden board. The result of this complex alternative to drawing or painting is a defined portrait with a unique texture.

These geometric portraits appear like a game of Connect the Dots, except way more complicated. Every pin has a place and every string serves a purpose. The amount of attention to detail is remarkable. Campagna doesn't settle for simply outlining the contours of a figure or presenting a polygonal silhouette. Instead, the artist does both and adds artistic shade, tone, and definition to her subjects, all in a monochromatic scheme.

Pamela Campagna website
via [My Amp Goes to 11, Colossal]

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