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Hilarious Portraits of Up-Side-Down People "Walking" in Paris

What’s right-side-up? What’s up-side-down? It’s difficult to tell in these playfully bizarre photographs by French photographer and art director Patrice Letarnec. The hilarious series, entitled Head Over Heels, documents a number of people as they walk around the streets of Paris on their hands.

To create the optical illusions, Letarnec places his subjects in outfits that look correct when up-side-down. When each person flips to a handstand, the illusion suggests that oddly balanced headless figures are taking the phrase “head over heels” a little too literally. Thick legs appear to be arms and thin arms look like tiny stick legs in each disproportionate portrait. The odd series will certainly inspire a double take to figure out what’s going on!

Patrice Letarnec’s website
via [eToday]

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