Stunning Photos of Masai Mara, Kenya at Sunrise and Sunset

Presenter, guide, and wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein has spent years trying to photograph the perfect beginning and ending of a typical day in the Masai Mara, a national game reserve in Kenya famous for its beautiful light and large population of wildlife. Looking at his photo series African Fire, we'd say that Goldstein has certainly accomplished his goal, having become an expert at taking gorgeous images of sunrise and sunset on the open plains of the reserve.

Goldstein, who is also a guide for Exodus Travels and the co-owner of the Kicheche Camps in Kenya, photographs breathtaking scenes filled with dramatic light and colors. The title African Fire is more than fitting, as the bold hues of sunrise and sunset evoke the imagery of bright flames and smoldering embers. Far away from crowds of people, Goldstein manages to capture the untamed beauty of nature, from the flat landscapes to the sparse trees to the diverse wildlife. Creatures like elephants, lions, giraffes, and wildebeests populate the stunning photos, their forms instantly recognizable even in silhouette.

According to the photographer, careful planning and positioning are necessary in order to take the best photos. Often rising far before sunrise or crouching in place long before the sun sets, Goldstein makes sure that his images aren't just happy accidents. Regarding the constantly changing light and colors of the scenery before him, he says, “It is unpredictable, this is the nature of the beast, literally, but it is also exciting and rewarding and frankly a drug for me.”

Paul Goldstein Website
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via [Fubiz], [The Telegraph]

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