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Street Art That Only Appears When It Rains

Now this is a fun idea we can get behind! Instead of sulking because it's raining outside, why not discover some hidden street art? Seattle, a city that's known for its rain, is now the place where you can find this rain-activated art, or what creator Peregrine Church calls “rainworks.” Using stencils and super hydrophobic coating, he puts up familiar games like hopscotch or positive messages on the ground. Best part is that these works are completely non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable. They last up to 4 months a year, slowly fading away as time passes. Because they're temporary, don't harm property, and are not a form of advertising, they're also completely legal in Seattle.

So, how does it work? The protective coating of the super hydrophobic product forms a waterproof layer that's invisible to the naked eye. All liquid substances are prevented from adhering to the treated surface, so droplets simply roll off. Basically, when you put the chemical on a surface, it will prevent that surface from getting wet.

Recently Church put up a FAQ sheet on his website where he shares the exact product he uses, Always Dry Wood & Stone from Nanex. The company has caught on to this interesting idea of using their product in art, stating, “Always Dry nano-coating solvent can be used by parents or event coordinators for playing different games. With the help of it, they can hide various messages and artworks that can only be revealed through water. You can just create different messages on footpaths, trees or walls spraying Always Dry over them. Then, using water guns, your children, friends or colleagues will spray these parts and find out those messages that will lead them to the next clue.”

So far, Church has created between 25 to 30 rainworks on the streets of Seattle. Make sure to watch the video, below, to see how this creative and uplifting idea came about.

Rainworks website and Facebook page
via [Reddit, Visual News]

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