Perfectly-Timed Photos of Animals About to Become Dinner

Call it survival of the fittest or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Today we take a look at incredible photos, taken at just the right moment, of animals about to feast on other animals. They show birds, reptiles and mammals about to consume their latest meal. If anything, they'll will make you happy that humans are on top of the food chain!

Photographer Tom Samuelson said about his epic shot, above, “Great gray owls come south from Canada into Minnesota during the winter to find food. This owl was on the north shore of Lake Superior, just south of Two Harbors, Minnesota. We happened to find him as the sun was setting, and in the evening light, we were able to be in a position to see an owl that was hunting when a mouse came out, and the owl was quick to pounce and pick up an evening meal.”

Bald Eagle with Duck

Photo credit: Henrik Nilsson

Osprey with Fish

Photo credit: Austin Thomas

Pelican with Fish

Photo credit: Ali Alqudsi

Eurasian Hoopoe with Caterpillar

Photo credit: John Gooday

Puffin with Small Fish

Photo credit: Harry Eggens

Boomslang Snake with Flap-Neck Chameleon

Photo credit: Greg du Toit

Indian Pond Heron Paddybird with Mouse

Photo credit: Nitin Prabhudesai

Red-Tailed Hawk with Squirrel

Photo credit: Salah Baazizi

Snake with Fish

Photo credit: Hermant Kumar

Brown Bear with Salmon

Photo credit: Harry Eggens

Alligator with Fish

Photo credit: Bob Gill

Leopard Seal with Gentoo Penguin

Photo credit: Amos Photography

Lion with Wildebeest

Photo credit: Michael Poliza

Zebra with Pack of Hyenas

Photo credit: Marc MOL

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