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Incredible Geometric Pencil Lead Sculptures

We’ve seen figures made of pencils and even portraits created out of pencil shavings, but New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan has a new approach to pencil-based art with his geometric pencil lead sculptures. The intricate structures that Trevelyan creates work with fine sticks of 0.5mm graphite designed for mechanical pencils. The sculptor’s craftsmanship boasts an awe-inspiring collection of precise and intricate constructions that reflects the artist’s own interest in mathematics.

The meticulously designed repetitive patterns in the artist’s three-dimensional figures exhibit a great deal of skill coupled with patience. The fact that Trevelyan managed to assemble the fragile materials into complex geometric structures is beyond me. I can only think of all the times I’ve snapped similarly delicate sticks while simply trying to reload my mechanical pencils.

via [Junkculture, Bartley + Company Art, City Gallery, Mint Style Studio]

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