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12 Photography Projects to Stretch Your Skills, One Month at a Time

Shoot the Stars

Point your lens at the sky and try your hand at astrophotography. You don’t have to be NASA or own special equipment to take surprisingly good photos of the galaxy. Patience, a good understanding of photography basics, and a steady tripod will all be helpful. Read our guide and helpful tips about astrophotography and get ready to spend the night shooting the stars.


Create a Modern Fairytale

Take a classic fairy tale, whether Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel, and give it your artistic spin. How you interpret it is up to you, whether it’s an abstract rendering or a full set up with costumes and models, this challenge will force you to stretch yourself in terms of organization, vision, and creative interpretation.


Go Back to the Basics with Pinhole Photography

Go back to basics and experiment with pinhole photography. You can purchase a pre-made model or get creative and make your own by downloading a Pinhole camera template. Either way, pinhole camera photography is an interesting way to reflect on how early photographers worked. And, in a time when we’re far too used to unlimited snaps, pinhole photography is a good way to reset your thinking on composition and lighting. Check out Popular Photography’s short guide to pinhole photography for tips on how to get started.


Immortalize Your Furry Friends with Pet Photography

photography project ideas

Photo: Pexels

Photographing animals in nature is one thing, but what about getting up close and personal with a pet? Even if you aren’t an animal owner, borrow a cat, dog, or even a rat from a friend for its very own photo shoot. Whether you decide on a seated portrait or an action grab, capturing the spirit of a beloved pet can be more challenging than you may realize.


Get Creative with Lenses

Different Camera Lenses Photography Project Ideas

We all have our go-to camera lens, but what about that one collecting dust in the corner? What if you had to shoot with just that lens for a whole week or month? Break out of your rut by forcing yourself to change up equipment and make use of your underutilized lens of choice for a predetermined amount of time. You’d be surprised how much just changing this small aspect can force you to shake up your photography.


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