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Movable Shelving System Transforms a Single Room into Separate Spaces

As cities continue to grow in population, there's always the challenge of doing more with less – especially when it comes to housing. How do we make a small space feel and act like a larger one? The Madrid-based firm PKMN Architectures came up with the All I Own House as a solution to this conundrum. It makes use of three large, movable stacks – similar to the shelves you might find in a library – and configures a studio apartment into its own "rooms."

PKMN's design features a rail system that's anchored to the ceiling, and residents shift the custom-made wooden pieces to their liking. Potentially, this means a work space, bedroom, and kitchen are all within one small area of the apartment. The appliances and plumbing are the only non-movable elements in the home.

The intricate rail system doesn't cover the entire 540 square foot room; there's space adjacent to the stacks that are meant for static furnishings. But, if you watch the video below, you'll see that you can do a lot within PKMN's innovations.

PKMN Architectures website
via [The Coolist]

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