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What Would Politicians Look Like with Man Buns?

Over the last few years, the “man bun” has grown in popularity as a laid-back style choice amongst men. Now, it’s quite common to see young men casually sporting a top knot. What about politicians, though? Their societal status doesn’t exactly allow them to wear their hair in a casually-styled bun. But, thanks to Photoshop experts with a quirky sense of humor, we’re able to visualize how prominent figures would rock this look.

The amusing digital manipulations all started when Twitter user @FigDrewton posted a photo of Donald Trump sporting a man bun. It quickly went viral and inspired the design crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd to host a fun contest–they challenged their community to Photoshop other politicians and world leaders with the hairstyle.

DesignCrowd received 101 submissions in their competition, and it’s clear that some men look better with a top knot than others. It looks natural on Obama, and surprisingly, the United States’ founding father, George Washington, rocks a man bun pretty well. Who do you think wore it best?

Above photo credit: jkrebs04

Photo credit: @FigDrewton

Photo credit: annecran8

Photo credit: Alaya 

Photo credit: jkrebs04

Photo credit: tapstudio

Photo credit: Alaya

Photo credit: duskpro79

Photo credit: jkrebs04

Photo credit: iMAGICations

Photo credit: bijuak

Photo credit: jkrebs04

DesignCrowd: Website
via [Twisted Sifter]

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