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Illustrated Poster Highlights 90 of the World’s Architectural Achievements

Have you ever wondered what some of the world’s greatest architectural achievements are? A new poster titled The Schematics of Structures by the online shop Pop Chart Lab celebrates 90 structural feats from around the world and throughout time. The image is presented as a blueprint-style infographic, and each building is hand illustrated; they are also accompanied by notations for location, height, year of construction, and architectural mode. So, it not only commemorates impressive architecture but has an informative, educational component as well.

The poster features structures as varied as The Great Sphinx in Egypt, China’s Forbidden City, and New York City’s iconic Statue of Liberty. Each has their own idiosyncrasies, and it highlights just how wonderfully imaginative and different the buildings are.

If you’d like to own The Schematics of Structures, it’s currently available for pre-order through Pop Chart Lab’s website. The eco-produced poster will ship starting Thursday, October 2.

Pop Chart Lab website
via [Arch Daily and The Khooll]

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