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Portraits Dripping with Ink and Tea

Though we first introduced you to artist Carne Griffiths by showing you his incredibly interesting lightbox pieces, he’s actually known for his beautiful paintings that are made with ink and tea. As he tells us, “I work in an unusual medium, I draw in calligraphy ink and use various types of tea to blend the lines – then I repeat the process – layering the work. In the studio I have a host of different flavored teas.. chamomile, vanilla and honey, chai, earl grey, fennel, green tea…you get the idea.

“Influenced by a background in embroidery design and inspired by surrealist painters, Griffiths enjoys pulling people into a personal vision which combines sensual images from fashion and advertising with natural plant forms. His work is bold, beautiful and full of life.

Carne Griffiths’ website, Store, and Etsy page

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