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Adorable Pet Bed Cleverly Resembles the Skeletal Form of a Fish

You probably have your own furniture to lounge on while at home, so shouldn’t your pet have the same? Korean design studio Pote came up with the Fishbone House, a minimalist dwelling for cats and dogs. Its aesthetic was inspired by fish in a marketplace and the product is modeled after their skeletal form. The small structure features a wooden spine made from birch timber, and this shapes the house along with the ribs that intersect it. There aren’t any small parts to come loose and everything is held together using lap joints and woodworking bond.

It can be difficult to find good-looking pet accessories, but the Fishbone House certainly gives owners another option. This adorable object is brilliantly simple in its construction and allows the animal to come and go as they please. The space between the ribs means that it lets in a gentle breeze and provides sunlight for your furry friend. And, to make it even cuter, Pote included a fish fin on the back of house, referencing their initial inspiration for the product.

Pote website
via [designboom]

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