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Preview Pandamonium: Art Show Dedicated to the Panda

Ready for an art show dedicated to the black and white bear we all know and love? Signal Gallery in London just sent us special preview images for Pandamonium, a celebration of the panda bear in art. Expect to see new works from artists you've seen right here on My Modern Met including C215, Russ Mills, and Lora Zombie. Pandamonium will run from June 1 to June 16, 2012. Now here's your sneak peek preview…

Above: Great Sage 2 by Russ Mills

Panda by Jet Aerosol

Panda Boy 1 by Elinor Evans

Pandaski by Lora Zombie

Panda by Chris Bell

Marceau by Frank Rannou

Great Sage 1 by Russ Mills

Signal Gallery website

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