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Quirky Photos That Look Like Paintings

By isolating subjects in a studio against solid colors, Toronto-based photographer Andrew B. Myers makes us think twice about what we're exactly looking at. Most of the time we're amazed at paintings that appear like photos but when was the last time you saw the reverse?

Myers achieves this by manipulating light. Using harsh light with a really broad fill and avoiding heavy dark shadows, he bathes his objects and makes them appear is if they were painted in. “I always shoot at f22, which keeps everything in focus, and therefore lacks the depth you see elsewhere and makes things flatter,” he tells us.

When asked how the internet has helped his career, here is what Myers told us. “I need to thank the internet dearly. I do like to hustle, but in terms of people seeing my work, I could never compare to what the internet has offered, and now people all over the world have seen my work. It's amazing! It all started with one girl who put my work on her blog a long time ago and it's been a chain reaction ever since.

“At the same time, the internet is a great source of inspiration, as thousands of images and countless great artists showcase their work for anyone to see at any time. It's a lot more convenient for visual culture now, and it's interesting to even see the trends in photography spreading around via the web.”

Andrew B. Myers' website

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