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Emotionally Intriguing Hidden Secrets

Originally a street artist, Italian artist Emanuele Ronco, aka Rems 182, created this collection of Women's Portraits using just oil and spray paints on canvas. Each piece combines streaks of colorful paint as a background to what appear to be, at first glance, traditional portraits. However, upon further inspection, it becomes clear that the women are shielding their faces with a transparent hand as they gaze directly out at the viewer. The images are suggestive of hidden secrets or some kind of struggle behind the eyes of each female.

The artist says, “Sometimes acrylic color meets a wall, at other times the ball-point of my Bic pen etches the surface of a canvas. These are merely pieces for building unpredictable structures, mirrors of my psychology.” In this series, he has developed a collection of psychologically thrilling portraits of the female form. There is a strong sense of wonder about what each person is hiding, and viewers will find themselves easily creating their own personal and emotional narratives.

Rems 182 is a member of the artistic collective Truly Design, a team of four friends who create art by venturing “where few others dare, relentlessly searching for solutions where all conventional methods come to a halt.” You can see more of Rems 182's emotionally gripping portraits here.

Rems 182 on Behance
Truly Design website
via [L'acte Gratuit]

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