New Study Finds That Dogs Can Help You Live Longer

Woman of Color Holding Dog

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Just in case we needed some hard evidence to prove that dogs are truly “man’s best friend,” new research has affirmed those beliefs. According to a 2019 study, owners' relationships with dogs are giving them a much-appreciated longevity boost. The study—published by the American Heart Association Circulation Journal —was 70 years in the making and confirms a link between longevity and the companionship of our furry friends.

Some of the findings in the research include a 24%  drop of “risk of death”—this was in comparison to those who don’t own dogs. But six studies showed a “significant reduction” in the risk of death for dog owners. So what exactly about owning a dog allows us to tap into the fountain of youth? Well, some studies pointed to the increase in physical exercise associated with dog ownership. The encouragement of our four-legged friends to partake in morning and nighttime walks, as well as jogging, helps us fight against conditions such as heart disease.

All of the mentioned activities are outdoor based, which have the health bonuses of fresh air and sunlight. But it’s one of our favorite shows of affection towards dogs that really makes an impact—petting. By simply giving our pups loving pets, we lower our blood pressure in equivalency to some medicines. Dog ownership also provides many mental health benefits such as a decrease in loneliness, increased self-esteem, and lower rates of depression.

Although the physical and mental health bonuses of dog ownership offer a load of good, having our wet-nosed friends around isn't a substitute for other healthy practices. With these new findings, though, dogs are proving to be an igniting spark in many of our efforts towards self-improvement and motivation. So enjoy a long life, courtesy of our furry compadres!

According to a new study, owning a dog can actually help you live longer.

Giving a Dog A High Five

Photo: Stock Photos from Yolya Ilyasova/Shutterstock

Your adorable dogs can help keep you safe from heart disease while filling your heart with love.

Woman of Color Holding Dog

Photo: Stock Photos from WAYHOME Studios/Shutterstock

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