Lofty Installation Forces Visitors to Rethink Space

By using the remnants from a previous exhibition, Amsterdam-based design firm Rietveld Landscape has created Pretty Vacant, an architectural installation that forces visitors to focus on the use of space and the idea of emptiness. While the firm's original project was displayed back in 2010 with the intention of highlighting the number of unused buildings as well as their possible uses throughout The Netherlands, this installment shifts the viewpoint to present a negative of those empty structures.

The towering wall piece is made entirely from blue foam, spans from floor to ceiling inside an abandoned chapel, and will be a backdrop to the Centraal Museums' rotating pieces of design and art where it is currently on display. Much like stained glass, Rietveld Landscape explains, “The blue window literally and figuratively sheds a new light on the space and complements the architecture of this medieval chapel.”

The installation will be featured at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht until January 31st, 2014.

Rietveld Landscape's Website
via [designboom]

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