Photographer Explores the Enchanting Complexity of Magnified Plant Life

Robert Llewellyn‘s captivating macro photography draws one deep into a hidden world. By exploring the otherworldly intricacies of plant life, his images allow one to really see the complexity and beauty of nature's design. Balancing commercial photography work with his series of books (Seeing Flowers, Seeing Trees and Seeing Seeds), Llewellyn's images bring a whole new level of observation to the natural world.

Having studied engineering in college, Llewellyn's desire to understand how things function is apparent in his artwork. Gathering bits of plants from outside, he returns to his studio and begins to examine their nuanced fragments. Using a white light table, camera motors and software he is able to create extremely in-focus, detailed images, that expose the subtle elements of plant life that are “hiding in plain sight.” His photographs transform each blossom petal and seed pod into a work of art. 

From the hypnotic veins of a plant leaf, to the practical components of a seed pod, Llewellyn magnifies and then celebrates the plant's complexity. “When I first looked at trees – really looked at them – it was like meeting another civilization,” Llewellyn has said regarding his book Seeing Trees. His collection of books explore the concept of an entirely new, partially concealed world, and are available on Amazon

Robert Llewellyn: Website
via [Design Faves]

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Robert Llewellyn.

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