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Mesmerizing Sculptures Evolve with Projected Light

Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel experiments with art and video to create incredibly mesmerizing installations. The artist sent us two of his most captivating installations to share. For his site-specific multimedia piece titled Grapheme, Seidel hangs an intricately cut abstract sculpture and overlays it with colorful, evolving video projections. The result is a mesmerizing piece full of life and visual movement that is now a permanent installation at Museum Wiesbaden.

Similar to Grapheme, Seidel's latest installation titled Tearing Shadows uses video projections to continually alter the presence of his physically constructed sculpture. However, this time he mutes out color and focuses solely on light and shadows to convey the never-ending struggle between the two and their significance to how we perceive the world. 401contemporary, the gallery in Berlin where this piece was recently exhibited, states: “As autonomous existences light and shadow compete on the surface of the projection sculptures and, driven by eternal change, create endlessly varied transitional spaces.”

Be sure to check out the the video, below, of Tearing Shadows as shadows dance across the amorphous body and reshape it with projected light.

Robert Seidel website
Robert Seidel on Flickr

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