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Creating Interactive Optical Illusions With Chalk

South African artist Robin Rhode uses everyday materials like chalk, charcoal, and paints to create these creative scenes. In his performances, he finds public spaces to create sketches on walls and then photographs himself interacting with the drawings. Promenade is a flipbook-style animated video of Rhode, in what he describes as a “poetic journey,” dancing alongside a cloud of four-sided diamonds that seem to be surrounding him from all sides.

Rhode has an impressive talent for creating these abstract optical illusions. Although much of the concept is planned out, he says, “We prepare the idea but we allow all the elements from the space to influence us. We allow risks to emerge and find solutions to the problems.” Through gestures and performance, Rhode manipulates each situation into a captivating narrative.

Based in Berlin, the artist says he misses the art scene in South Africa. He says, “In South Africa [there is] this strong desire for artistic voices to be heard beyond the limitations of economy, beyond borders. This I find inspiring.”

If you like this project, you can check out more of Robin Rhode's creative storytelling here.

Robin Rhode on Wikipedia
Robin Rhode on White Cube
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