Creative Bride Fulfills Her Dream of Flying

New York-based wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer always wanted to organize a creative and unconventional bridal shoot, but didn't get the chance to fulfill his dream until this year. While in Europe for a few workshops, Brenizer resolved to work on something very special with professional bridal model Claudia Nallely Agres who was now living in Germany with her husband.

Despite being a model in countless bridal shoots, Agres had never taken her own wedding photos due to her husband's commitments to the Air Force. As such, she was just as keen on finally having a shoot that was actually for her and she was on board for making them as original as possible. Brenizer was able to meet with Agres in London for a bridal session. Unfortunately, her husband Matt couldn't stray from his duties in the military. Nonetheless, Brenizer organized a bridal session for Agres inspired by Jan von Holleben's Dreams of Flying.

The shoot took place at Belt Craft Studios, where plenty of props were at their disposal, and resulted in three fantasy-driven shots. There's a sense of whimsy and delight to the images that stray from typical bridal portraits, not to mention the floor as the backdrop. Brenizer says, “Yes, we could have taken all sorts of gorgeous, sensual portraits, but they would have been indistinguishable from the portraits she'd already taken with other photographers countless times, and wouldn't feel like ‘hers.' So I completely changed gears.”

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via [PetaPixel, HuffPost]

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