Please Welcome Our New Contributing Writer: Photographer Sarah Ann Loreth

No doubt, you're probably already familiar with the name Sarah Ann Loreth. Throughout the seven years we've been around, we've featured her strong, conceptual photography countless times calling her images everything from “hauntingly engaging” to “mystifying” and “surreal.” In a new series called Behind the Lens, she's been interviewing photographers to give us a deeper, more richer story behind the creatives she personally calls her friends.

It brings us great pleasure to announce that Sarah has recently taken on the position of Contributing Writer here at the My Modern Met. In this original series, she'll be finding new talent as well as highlighting more established photographers who all carry that special spark. Recently, we went one-on-one with the photographer to ask her some questions about her own photography and what she hopes to bring to all the viewers of this site. Read that interview while enjoying the photos Sarah created herself.

Why are you excited to be writing for My Modern Met?

I've always loved My Modern Met. Early on in my career, I drew a lot of inspiration from the content. Then, it became my very first big interview. The community has always had a special place in my heart. I've found a mutual kindness and respect and I hope my impression grows. It's a safe spot for artists to inspire and be inspired. Any community dedicated to keeping art alive is a fantastic thing.

What do you hope to bring to our viewers with your ‘Behind the Lens' series?

I want to bring the viewers an inside look into the photographic process. Have you ever seen a photo and felt so inspired you needed to know how it was created? I think there is so much passion and inspiration lost between the camera and the finished product that the viewer sees on their screen. I want to bring that back with photographers telling their stories in their own voices of how they make their art. I think there is a magic in the process of creating. I hope we can inspire budding artists to keep making art!

How do you think your experience as a photographer comes into play with these articles?

As a photographer, I'm already familiar with the tools and tricks of the craft. I'm hoping that gives me insider information to ask the right questions to bridge the gap between viewer and photographer to help them experience a deeper meaning in each photograph they see.

Who are the photographers you are choosing for this series? What do they have in common?

A lot of the artists are photographers I know personally or they are part of a large photo community that has yearly meet ups. We pick a location and nearly fifty of us from all over the world come together for a week of camping, shooting, and creating. It's a bit like a photography summer camp. We've gathered everywhere from a rural farm in Indiana to a quiet neighborhood outside of Los Angeles, to a small island in British Columbia. I know their stories, I've been there for shoots, and I'm really proud to call them my friends. Through Flickr we found each others work and we've built a truly loving and supportive community. I'm proud to be able to give back to the artists that have inspired me and changed the course of my life.

What do you admire most about these photographers?

I know how hardworking they are. I've seen their passion and commitment to their craft. I have been affected by each artist I choose, their work, and consequently, the way they live their lives. These artists are avid travelers, passionate storytellers, and incredible humans set out to live life to the fullest. They are trendsetters and world changers.

On a personal note, how is your photography going and what do you have next in store for your viewers?

My photography is going great! Next month will be my one year as a full time photographer and I couldn't be happier. I'm working every day to keep making my dreams a reality. It's my goal to, one day, set out on the road as a full time traveler living out of my van to experience the world and create based off my adventures! It's my dream to meet as many people as I can that share my same passions. I want to help inspire people to see the incredible places the world has to offer and use photography as a way to connect. Photography is such a beautiful way of saying, “I was here and alive in this moment” and it's something I wish everyone would do it as a personal record.

Sarah Ann Loreth, the photographer

If you haven't read Sarah's first three posts in the Behind the Lens series you can find them here, here and here.

Sarah Ann Loreth's website and Facebook page

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