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The First True-Color Shot of Earth from Space


This remarkably detailed image is the first true-color shot taken by the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Himawari-8satellite. While the image is not exactly how it would appear to the naked eye of a direct human observer, the photo was taken using all 16 of the satellite’s imaging bands to reproduce the “natural” look of the Earth from space, draping the planet in a richly dark palette. The geostationary Himawari-8 was deployed to collect and contribute data to the World Meteorological Organization for use in forecasting, climate analysis, and natural disaster detection, and is the first of two models developed for use by the JMA. A full 11,000 by 11,000 pixel version of the image is available on the JMA’s website.

Japan Meteorological Agency website: Website
via [PetaPixel , Imgur]

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